Monday, September 19, 2016

Next Edition of Blue Rose Poised To Spotlight, Embarrass Marginalized Communities

Preview Art for Green Ronin's Inclusive Fantasy Game Released To Nervous Silence

Friday, September 2, 2016

Crusading Game Designer Takes Stand For Borg Rights

"Star Trek Is Hella Homophobic When I Pretend Fascist War Cyborgs Are Gay People" Says

While modern Star Trek fans are celebrating George Takei and John Cho's Lieutenant Sulu coming out as gay, a vigilant game designer has revealed all is not well in the popular science fiction franchise for lgbt citizens.

 "I have reached the Voyager watershed that is "The Gift," and I feel like I understand why so many people hate 7 of 9," begins a trenchant Google+ post by Smallville RPG contributor Josh Roby "I also kind of want to vomit."

Roby then goes on to detail how, once hereimagine the Borg--Star Trek's evil civilization-consuming race of cosmic cyborgs--as innocent homosexual earthlings, the beloved property's sinister side is revealed:

Let's start, shall we, with the conversion therapy that Janeway inflicts on 7 of 9 in complete violation of her free will. Here's a fun exercise: watch the episode but imagine you can replace "humanity" with "the life that the Lord has planned for you" and replace "the Borg" with "being gay." I honestly don't think I can put other works together right now to express how profoundly disgusting I found this plotline.

Confusingly, Roby also describes Kes, the idealized spiritual nerd-girflriend whom 7 of 9 replaces in The Gift, as a "a character who viewers had grown to love".