Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stupidest Conversation In History of Games Begins

Designer Says All Games Hurt People, Remains Oddly Silent on Whether Lying About Rape Does

Noted loser and game designer Ben Lehman, best known for fabricating accusations about sexual violence in order to attack fellow designer-loser James "argues with spambots" Desborough began a conversation yesterday on Google Plus by claiming that all games are dangerous.

"Most art harms people, one way or another," claimed the rape-threat-faker "Games often harm their own audience, by giving them artificial desires and then frustrating those desires, or setting friends in competition against each other."

As the discussion progressed, Lehman provided both compelling evidence of his idea and a window into the disfunctional environment his own game design work spews forth from: "For personal example: my experience of Settlers of Catan is that it does real lasting harm to the friendships of people who play it. "

Thus far, Lehman's friends--best known for continuing to read Lehman and sometimes giving him money even after he proved himself to be either a frightening sociopath or a vindictive scam artist--responded by treating the post as if it was not a terrifying cry for help from a damaged mind.