Friday, January 24, 2014

Social Justice Monocle-Droppers: Take The Dongion Challenge!

Post a picture of yourself playing a game with a person of color.
Even one.

It can't be at a convention with people you just met. It can't be an on-line game. If you are a person of color (and you probably aren't) you can go ahead and post a picture of yourself, so long as, in the picture, you're playing a game with other people.

Challenge ends Feb 28!


  1. Bonus points if they're in a wheelchair?

  2. Can it be a game a comic shop, or does it have to be a home game?

  3. I'm not white, I play with 2 white guys (both jewish) 1 latina, 1 latino (both of mexican heritage) 1 black guy and my brother (not white.) a couple others come occassionally. Mostly non-white. But I live in a really diverse city (Los Angeles) and have diverse friends. I also recognize that there is nothing typical about my group, myself or even the place I live.