Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RPGnet Moderator Unsure If He Should Be Part of Hobby

"..there may in fact be no ethical way for me to pursue this hobby"


  1. "Go ahead, refute my logic"
    Actually, my life got a whole lot less stressful when I decided to stop rationalising the last drop of joy out of everydamnthing, so no thanks.

    PS: this wasn't possible to read on my phone because both the page forces the image to be the size of my screen :-(

  2. Also, I like how he implicitly assumes that everybody in the hobby is a white guy from an "imperialist" culture. Some of us live in these "exotic" countries, did you know?

  3. "#FirstWorldProblems. Woe is me."

    What a fucking dumbass.

  4. I find most of the posts on this blog funny and deserved- I was sorry when you temporarily quit.

    But I don't think this guy really deserves your contempt.

    I know that he's over-thinking things. But that's better than under-thinking them.

  5. The guy is certanly exaggerating somewhat, but at the end of the day you are making fun of someone who is at the very least trying to be nice, which is more than can be said for you.

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