Thursday, October 31, 2013

Envy Gives Up, Decides To Go As Righteous Outrage Again This Year

"Why would someone write an anthropology dissertation on the most played RPG in history instead of that game I wrote?"

Fan-fic writing polytheist Dennis N Santana and angry white goon Tablehop/Mikan--both long-time pro-4e edition warriors--joined failed White Wolf freelancer Filamena Young, best-known in the RPG industry for complaining that the D&D With Porn Stars girls were in Maxim, in expressing concern that someone wanted to study their hobby and that other people wanted to help.

Experts suspect writer may have meant "etc"
"Well at first we just wanted to announce we were depressed because we were being ignored," said a spokesman for the group "but then we thought--hey, it's Halloween, why not give our complaints a seasonal twist by dressing them up as parts of some kind of emancipatory project?"

There is as of yet no word on how much candy the trio has received.

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