Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dongion Challenge Results In!

Zero Percent Of Team Pearlclutcher Game With People of Color
Voices for inclusion in gaming responded with deafening unanimity to The Dongion's recent challenge--they don't know the people they supposedly advocate for.

Despite blog analytics indicating the challenge was widely read and clear evidence it was discussed, none of them were able to come up with any evidence that they'd even seen, much less played with, anyone who wasn't white.

"This confirms what albinologists have long suspected," said one researcher "when these people say something like 'This Wild West game needs to neither remind anyone that there was racism in that era nor gloss over the harsh realities of the racial prejudice in the Wild West' this doesn't generate any cognitive dissonance because they're not basing their ideas on any kind of observation but rather just dreaming what they imagine people of color would say and than pushing that out of their suffocatingly large and garishly white asses."

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