Monday, April 28, 2014

Stupid Response To Stupid Review Of Stupid Product Sparks Stupid People To Do Stupid Things

Raggi Profits

Pointless argument ensued this week after the RPGpundit posted a pointlessly histrionic review of a pointless product, sparking a pointless reply by the pointless author, Geoffrey McKinney who pointlessly accused the reviewer of liking Dragonlance. The Pundit responded by pointlessly calling McKinney "Mr McRapeypants" and then asking the public if the bad and pointless things McKinney had done weren't somehow more bad and more pointless than the bad and pointless things he, the Pundit, himself had done did.
The utterly meh Isle of The Unknown prompted the vicious review that left the public struggling to give a fuck either way.
The Internet responded via pointless discussions and posts about the pointless controversy about the pointless hexcrawl supplement of which this article is one and--in some cases--by buying it. Which was, perhaps, the point.

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