Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zak S/RPGPundit Verdict: It Was Funhaver Games

Game Company Contributors And Fans Promoted Fraudulent Accusations Against RPG Loudmouths

For a week, the role-playing game community has been wondering who or what cared so goddamn much about porn actor, painter and DM Zak S and RPGSite owner/opinion-mongerer RPGPundit that it bothered to smear them all over the internet when the Fifth Edition of Dungeons And Dragons was released with their names listed as contributors.
Look who's got no plusses….
Some asked: Was the controversy a sign of the times? Was it merely just desserts from years of inflammatory RPG blogging by the pair of prolific pontificators? Was it a consequence of the nature of the emergence of a new internet-influenced paradigm of cultural production? Was it a symptom of a larger toxicity in the Dungeons & Dragons community? It turns out that, no, it was a company called Funhaver Games.

Rather than just say what the rest of the RPG community said ("These two completely suck but they have good game ideas--sometimes--I guess. Hey read my blog I have a Shadowrun hack for Savage Worlds") the company--named in reaction to Lamentations of the Flame Princess author James Edward Raggi IV's essay "I Hate Fun" and associated with the ailing Nightfall kickstarter abandoned by admitted liar Bryan "Gau" Schwaderer--adopted a far more interesting response, imagining themselves seeing a cigar-smoking game reviewer beating up gay men in the street or fantasizing about being followed home by a wheelchair-pushing porn star missing half of his hair.
So he lied about money, and he lied about Zak …
…so why would you think he's lying again?

A glance at Funhaver's twitter following confirms a shockingly high proportion of the struggling game company's friends, allies and contributors have attacked TheRPGPundit, Zak, or both, including:

…along with an assorted bumper crop of those who have retweeted insulting things about the Lenny and Squiggy of RPGs*

When asked for comment, a spokesman for Funhaver replied "ArrgrhguggugglebargggleTry my Monsterhearts hack!"

(Zak is Squiggy)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hmm, a lack of an edit function. Oh how I do hate that - well, lets try again. I'm not Bryan (Gau) Schwaderer. But I do wonder why Nightfall is mentioned here, my project. Not Gau's... see, Nightfall reverted back to me when Gau abandoned the project due to his idiocy I won't go into here.

    I am however well aware of who's behind the Dongion, who's linked to it.

    Not quite up there with the Onion I'm afraid.

    Nightfall was rescued when Gau abandoned the backers, so I'm doing something to get the project back to the backers. I've worked in the rpg industry as well as the PC game industry, been a journalist and so on for a number of years (around 14 or so) on various projects - from the Doctor Who RPG via Cubicle 7, Lone Wolf by Mongoose and Joe Dever as well as numerous other people.

    I don't see anyone else stepping up to save Nightfall, do you?

    And don't tell me this site is satire, because you couldn't write satire if I paid you to. Not as though I would, this is nothing but a thinly veiled attack on various people using an unfunny mouthpiece and exactly the kind of tactics that people told me certain folks like to dish out.

    I'd like to laugh, but I stopped laughing at the word: Dongion.

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