Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RPG.Net Privileges Privileged Gamers By Allowing Them To Pay For The Privilege of Not Being Banned For Being Privileged

RPGnet launches fundraiser, citing flagging site traffic, exhaustion with hiding moderator bias

"Yes, other game forums don't ask for money, but they also don't have in-depth and nuanced discussion of important topics like 'Do I Have A Moral Obligation NOT to Play A Different Race or Gender,'" said an RPGnet spokesman.
"Yes, 7-55 people have severe emotional problems, but we want them to see RPGnet as both a haven and a soapbox"

"Some members have more influence here at RPGnet--mostly because their white collar tech jobs give them time to post a lot and earn the moderators' trust. We thought that class-correlated privilege was pretty cool, so why not double-down on it by having these members give us some of that disposable income in exchange for having a little flag and a bigger avatar letting everyone know not to disagree with them?"

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